Scholarship Program

The 2015 HPOU Scholarship Essay /Application is now available. For all members in good standing, who have a dependent that is a graduating senior from High School are eligible to apply. All documents are due by Feb. 27th, 2015, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2015 Scholarship Instructions/Application

To qualify for a scholarship, a student must:

Please submit all documents in a letter sized manila envelope with your name on the outside.

Your envelope should include the following:

**High School transcripts must be “Official” Sealed Transcripts Issued from your high school. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted, transcripts issued to student/parent that are not sealed will not be accepted and official transcripts that have been opened or the seal broken will not be accepted.

Please do not include letters of recommendation; they will not be included in the scoring process.

*Essay Instructions

Please submit, in your own words, a typed, double-spaced essay 3-4 pages in length. Your paper should be typed in 12 pt. Times New Roman font with a 1 inch margin.

You may attach a cover sheet with your name; however, we request that you DO NOT type your name on the essay itself.

Applicants whose submissions are late or do not comply with all the listed criteria will have their application and documents returned. There will be no resubmissions.

Download Instructions Here

2015 Topic

Given the lack of skilled labor in certain fields such as electricians, mechanics, construction, should the U.S. education system expand the vocational education training similar to Germany, rather than putting a heavy emphasis on getting a college degree? Please choose a position for or against and explain your position.

DEADLINE: All applications, essays and transcripts are due in the HPOU Office no later than 4 p.m. Friday, February 27, 2015.

*Official transcripts mailed by the students' school must be postmarked by February 27, 2015.