2015 sees a record number of HPOU Scholarship recipients!

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU awarded a record number of college scholarships to the sons and daughters of Union members who will be experiencing their first semester of college this fall.

Overall, $35,000 was awarded to 68 different college students at a special awards ceremony held on April 18 at the Union Building. That total was a record amount.

Each scholarship winner submitted an application along with an essay.

This year’s essay answered the following question, pro or con:

Given the lack of skilled labor in certain fields such as electricians, mechanics, construction, should the U.S. education system expand the vocational education training similar to Germany, rather than putting a heavy emphasis on getting a college degree?

 Scholarship awards ranged from $250 to $1,000. Essays were graded by a retired teacher who didn’t know the names on the applications.

The winners are:

McKenzie Bartlett, Brandon McDaniel, Breana Shilling, Rachael Lahar, Shannon Forrester, Katelyn Roecker, Casey Myrick, Madison Lee, Megan Todd, Trong Nguyen, Savannah Wilson, Kaitlin Harris, Kennedi Ledesma, Errikka Polk, Madison Chavez, Brittney Cech, Lauren Philipps, Zachary Heddens and Noah Moulton;

Tyler Gamble, John Schaudel, Sophie Warren, Jeremy Bennett, Jessica Catlett, Sarah Juenke, Michael Reutzel, Cole Corley, Richard Gonzales, Derek Rodriguez, Barden Schaffer, Tyler Nguyen, Ania Williams, Joshua Lahar, Oscar Trevino and Nicholas Pelrean;

Christal Pena, Kyle Jones, Jesse Tovar Gonzales Jr., Adam Watkins, Jacob Rocha, Joshua Macintosh-Beatson, Caitlin Jones, Taylor Young, Dawson Joner, Madison Law, Alexander Gomez, Julio Diaz, Lukas John Dworak, Jacob Brooks, Cameron Countryman, Emikly Varela, Derekk Brown, Lindsey Sokoloski, Anna Bogaard, Devin Kamyk, Kaylee Sparkman, Gabriella Llanez, Tanner Nguyen and Juan Garcia;

Justin Domingues, Amari Miller, Cynthia Ramos, Tyler Day, Rachel Stearns, Grayson Ellis, Daniel Giannavola, Shelby Smith, Samantha Pavey, Naomi Wick, Audrey Bielski, Brandon Buchala, Kayla Jaskolka, Kaitlyn Churchill, Jazne Fields, Shelby Slade, Dweyne Winningham, Dwuane Winningham and Jennipher Nunoz