2019 Houston Police Memorial

Editorial Staff
Members of Sgt. Steve Perez’s family wore special commemorative T shirts paying tribute to their husband and father (EOW Aug. 29, 2017). Photo by Gary Hicks








These are the surviving members of the family of Officer F. E. Wright (EOW Aug. 2, 1975), always stalwart attendees to the annual Police Week Memorial. Photo by Gary Hicks


HPOU’s Ray Hunt poses with the parents of HPD Officer Albert Vasquez (EOW May 22, 2001). Photo by Gary Hicks








HPOU’s Tim Whitaker poses with Debbie Gryder, wife of Officer Gary Gryder (EOW June 29, 2008) and Gryder’s stepdaughter Jennifer Streeter at the HPOU reception prior to the memorial ceremony. Photo by Gary Hicks


A member of the Wright family displays the special memorial T shirt in memory of Officer F. E. Wright. Photo by Gary Hicks