A busy schedule bothers Tex the calf, doesn’t prepare him for new surprises

Matt Adams

Editor’s Note: Matt Adams successfully scrambled last year and took away the calf sponsored by the Texas Police Trust. Matt is supplying the Badge & Gun updates on his adventures with “Tex.”

Howdy y’all! I hope that everyone is staying warm during this cold weather! I hope you enjoy reading about Tex and me during the holidays.

November is my third favorite month behind January and December. There are many reasons why I enjoy November. It mainly comes down to three things: I get to go on a weeklong trip to Aggieland to see my sister for her birthday, FFA competitions are in full swing and most importantly Christmas season begins.

Tex had an interesting November because of the weather, my absences, and the news of some visitors next month!

November, especially out here in Lubbock, does not know what to set our temperature to. One day I will wake up and the high will be 70 degrees. On the other hand, a high of  30 degrees will follow the next day.

This caused some precise guessing, weather watching and adjusting to be done all month long. I had to make sure that if the temperature was going to be higher than 60, then the steers needed to be locked up in the barn with the air conditioner.

If it were the opposite, the steers would need to be let out because it would be colder outside compared to inside.

November was the month that district FFA contest was held, the area FFA contest, and, of course, Thanksgiving.

District FFA contest required me to be away from the barn for only a mere day. Area FFA contest required me to go to Canyon for two days. For Thanksgiving, I went to College Station for eight days.

If you do the math, I was away for a total of 11 days. These days away from the barn required my mom to take care of the calves.

Tex gets major anxiety whenever he is separated from his best friend. This November I found out news that I am interested to see how Tex is going to respond to. This next month my barn is going to get two special guests. I am curious to see how Tex is going to react to “strangers” living in his barn for a few days. The reason that they will be having visitors is confidential – until my next report!