April Patrol Officer of the Month Price took brave steps five stories up to save a would-be suicide victim

Editorial Staff

Although HPOU has cancelled its monthly general membership meetings, the Union is not prevented from announcing its patrol officer and investigator of the month honors.

Patrol Officer of the Month for April, Ofc. Harold Price.

The HPOU Patrol Officer of the Month for April is Officer Harold Price, who responded to a welfare check/urgent CIT call in the 3300 block of Wesleyan.

The caller reported that her friend/consumer had phoned from the top ledge of the parking garage apologizing and stating she was in the process of killing herself by jumping onto pavement.

Officers arrived and had to breach a section of protective fencing to find the consumer in the process of falling over the ledge. Officers Williams and Alikhan initially located the consumer utilizing communication to calm her and flashlights to have her remained focused on them.

Officer Price arrived, approached and attempted to reason with the woman in an attempt to have her step from the ledge. After a supervisor arrived, momentarily diverting her attention, Officer Price incrementally repositioned himself closer to the prospective jumper.

As the consumer again moved to the ledge and threatened to jump, she indicated the officers’ lights disturbed her. As the supervisor motioned for the officers to turn off the lights, Officer Price ran across the uneven surface of the roof, in total darkness, and quickly grabbed her from the ledge while she was momentarily disoriented by the darkness.

After safely securing the consumer and placing her in a patrol vehicle, a mental health unit arrived at the scene and the consumer was transported from the scene for evaluation under an emergency detention order.

The direct action of Officers Price was key to preventing a citizen from ending her life due to crisis attributed to mental illness.

The fact that Officer Price attempted this rescue in total darkness, on a dark uneven roof top five stories above ground reflect great credit upon himself, the Central Division and the Houston Police Department.