As we figured, changes inevitable in HPD body camera policies

Doug Griffith

I know it seems that every week we have new information regarding the body-worn cameras.

Here’s the latest: there will soon be another policy coming out in the next few weeks regarding them. As many of you have seen, the new circular came out regarding wearing the cameras while at extra jobs involving clubs.

The new policy states that you will have a body-worn camera for club jobs and any facility in which more than 51 percent of proceeds come from alcohol sales.

The Union has fought for officer to have the ability to obtain a take-home camera if he or she should want one with the caveat that the officer will have to wear it at all extra jobs.

To date, less than 100 officers have asked for a take-home camera and the rest take them from their stations when they leave for the day.

There also will soon be a change to the body camera policy with regard to muting when calling a DA.  Currently officers are still receiving an SI for not muting, but that will change shortly.

As you have seen in recent days, all warrants executed will be done with a body camera as per the police chief’s new policy. Several units like the ICAC Unit have been using body cameras for warrants for almost a year and love it.

I know that change is hard for everyone but it is inevitable. I will continue to work with the Department and the officers on the Body Camera Committee to assure that we have a fair and relevant policy.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 832-200-3427.