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Wheelchair Rugby a SMASH hit for second year in row

For the second year in a row HPOU board members participated in the Wheelchair Rugby SMASH tournament hosted by the Adaptive Athletics program at the University of Houston Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. The event took place on Nov. 15. Captained by HPD Assistant Chief Charlie Vasquez, HPOU fielded two teams of players consisting of Read More

Our ladies in blue – they first wore skirts with their badges and guns

While reminiscing about my academy days in the Houston Police Department, I noticed Sandy Byers (Womack) and Susan Loucks (Richards) were wearing skirts in Class No. 34’s picture.  I then remembered that for many years skirts and heels were the required uniform for female police officers. After all this drama, they lost the suspect and Read More

Officer safety paramount in 2015

Last month’s assassination of two of New York’s finest was a tragedy for the entire country.  It also should serve as a reminder to all of us that we can never let our guards down, especially in the current climate. The HPOU has been pushing for two-person units for several years as we believe it’s Read More

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