Author: Tom Kennedy


BLANCHARD Retired Sergeant Elton L. Blanchard, Jr. passed away on Monday, April 27, 2020, at the age of 62. His wife, Katy Ellen Blanchard survives him. He joined the Houston Police Department on January 28, 1980, Academy Class No. 90. During his career with the department, he was assigned to the Central, Special Operations, Jail, Read More

Psych Services: Your kids are bored – Don’t let them find a gun

As we struggle with the pandemic, safe weapon storage is more important than ever. Times are desperate. We’re unnerved by missed paychecks, shortages and stories of makeshift morgues. Kids are stuck at home all day, and they’re exploring. In the best of times, Texans are too casual about gun storage. Tragically, we lead the nation Read More

Congratulations 2020 HPOU Scholarship Winners

Virus claims another assembly victim – the Scholarship Breakfast The HPOU presented in absentia scholarships to 78 sons and daughters of HPD officers as part of the annual scholarship program, one of the Union’s most popular and exciting traditions. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus safety measures prevented the traditional breakfast which recognizes each one of the recipients. Read More

Thank you to the HPOU

HPOU, I would like to thank the scholarship committee for selecting me as a recipient of the 2020 HPOU Scholarship Award. This scholarship has reassured me that I can continue to pursue a college career with high expectations and established goals. Leroy K. Ferguson III Thank you for all of your kind words. My dad Read More

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