Author: Tom Kennedy

Sanitizer for Houston police officers no bottled-up problem; No, the main hang-up is getting bottles from across the world

The Houston Police Officers Union stepped up its all-sanitized-hands-on-deck effort to provide sanitizer for all officers, especially those on patrol. The key to the effort was working with at least distillers/chemical companies who are exchanging whiskey or vodka for disinfectant. “We are getting sanitizer by the gallon,” HPOU 3rd Vice President Tom Hayes said. “The Read More

The Biography of Mary Nan Huffman, Republican candidate for District Attorney

Mary Nan Huffman is the experienced choice for Harris County. She’s a mom, not a politician and a smart tough prosecutor. She is uniquely positioned to return the rule of law to Harris County and rebuild a broken and dysfunctional district attorney’s office and restore predictability and dependability. We deserve better than what they’re getting Read More

A special thank you from Officer Cedell Lovings

Thank you for the outpouring of love support shown through the fundraising efforts and the mere presence of so many at the Buffalo Bayou Brewery. There are so many to thank. To each of the vendors, the venue, the organizers and all of the attendees: a big thank you for your time, dedication and donations. Read More

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