Barn Yard Crime Stoppers: Adventures of Calf Scramble winner ‘Detective Mykala’ Lead to the recent unveiling of ‘Who let the cows out?’

Mykala Rodriguez

Editor’s Note: Mykala Rodriguez won a calf in the Calf Scramble at this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The following his her update about her techniques for keeping her calf under control out at the “Barn Precinct.” See if you can figure out just who Detective Mykenzie is.)

It was just another hot August Sunday. The hoof trimmer was at the precinct to make Detective Mykenzie and some of the steers’ hooves appear neatly were trimmed and ready for the upcoming show.

We thought all was under control. Detective Mykala’s mom was bringing treats for Detective Mykenzie while she was being bathed. Then Ms. Rodriguez came out looking for Detective Mykala and Detective Mykenzie because things had gone array.

The great detective duo came running to find the Momma outlaw and her baby outlaw had somehow escaped the pasture and wondered into Detective Mykenzie’s office looking for food to eat.

After some coaxing the duo was able to return the outlaws to the pasture and all was calm for the rest of the day.

We thought we were through with the crime for a while, but it didn’t last. The Deer Park FFA Progress Show is where things went wrong. All the animals had made it through without incident until the final four steers were left.

The judge awarded the winner but the steer did not like the judge getting too close. He started bucking and running to the other end of the arena, but with some calming moos from Detective Mykenzie and some patience of his owner, he was able to be wrangled and gotten under control.

Stay tuned for more updates of exciting adventures coming your way soon.