Barn Yard Crime Stoppers Adventures of ‘Detective Mykala’ featured A true peacetime during the Christmas season


Editor’s Note: Mykala Rodriguez won a calf in the Calf Scramble at this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The following his her update about her techniques for keeping her calf under control out at the “Barn Precinct.” See if you can figure out just who Detective Mykenzie is.)

This report was compiled on Dec. 31 of the old year, when it was beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, as the old saying goes.

The continuation: Christmas is in the air

Thanksgiving is over and the hustle and bustle of Christmas season is filling the air at the barn precinct and city wide. The Precinct had a Christmas party for all the detectives, guards and handlers. There was lots of good food and great fun, including an ugly sweater contest, silent auction and collection of teddy bears to be used by officers throughout the city to brighten kid’s day.

All seemed quiet and happy. A few of the new prisoner steers started spending time in the pasture. A couple heifers returned as they are repeat offenders and one brought her baby into the life of Crime and another is pregnant.

Detective Mykenzie talks to the baby and tries to talk her into making the changes in her life so she won’t return once she is released. The detectives feel they are having a breakthrough.

On Christmas Day Detective Mykenzie and Detective Mykala spent time enjoying the day and Santa even brought Detective Mykenzie more apples. With the weather getting colder the prisoners are getting braver but the K-Cow unit has everything under control.

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.