Barn Yard Crime Stoppers: Adventures of ‘Detective Mykala’ features Discussion of Calf Scramble Progress Show

Mykala Rodriguez

Editor’s Note: Mykala Rodriguez won a calf in the Calf Scramble at this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The following his her update about her techniques for keeping her calf under control out at the “Barn Precinct.” See if you can figure out just who Detective Mykenzie is.)

The continuation: Houston Calf Scramble Progress Show

With PLSR over, Det. Mykala and Det. Mykenzie geared up for October. There was still quite a bit going on at the barn.

The PLSR animals were gone, leaving only those that were here in the precinct for Harris County and a few goats for majors in the spring. All was “in the barn” until the last week of October when pigs for majors started moving into the precinct.

A couple of days later the first steer for next year’s PLSR moved in. But all was calm and well when Det. Mykala decided it was time for Det. Mykenzie to have a fur trimming. Det. Mykenzie didn’t like taking bathes much less getting a fur trim.

But in the end she was beautiful just in time for the trip to Humble. Since things had calmed down at the precinct, Det. Mykala thought it would be perfect timing to take Det. Mykenzie to the Houston Calf Scramble Progress show.

They left Friday, Oct. 30 on a stormy and rainy night for the trip. But of course the trip didn’t go smoothly. They had trouble with the trailer lights working and after several attempts the lights came on and they were off to Humble.

At the show Det. Mykenzie received another bath and blow dry before heading to the arena for the cattle show and received sixth in class.

But it was a long weekend and day. They were both exhausted when they arrived back at the precinct.

Stay Tuned for more updates coming soon.