Barn Yard Crime Stoppers: Last chapter in the Adventures of ‘Detective Mykala’ and her ever-faithful companion, ‘Detective Mykenzie’


Editor’s Note: Mykala Rodriguez won a calf in the Calf Scramble at this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The following his her update about her techniques for keeping her calf under control out at the “Barn Precinct.” See if you can figure out just who Detective Mykenzie is.)

This is the final chapter of my report.

Detectives Mykenzie and Mykala have been patrolling the barn precinct and all seems to be quiet in the precinct, maybe too quite.

They have watching all the animals get ready for the upcoming major show season.   They themselves are getting ready with a few more prospect shows before the Houston Livestock Show in March.

Afterwards Detective Mykenzie will be taken to be bred for the next show year. The detectives have enjoyed this year and are looking forward to the main event in March.

We just cannot believe it is coming to an end.