Minutes from the June 3 Membership Meeting

Call to order
Joseph Castaneda – excused absence – David has his proxy
RJ Hainey – Excused- Dan Levine has his proxy
Tim Whitaker – excused – Terry Siegler has his proxy
Robert Sandoval – excused – Steve Turner has his proxy
Alex Mayo – excused – Dan Levine

Committee Reports:
*Legal Updates- Tom – Chairman
*PAC/City Hall- PAC – Ray
*Building – Tom
*Catastrophic Events – Debbie
* Deferred Comp – Terry
* Education (scholarships ) – Rhonda (great job)
* Finance – Dan
* FOP – Tom
* Hospitality – Betty (new date)
*IT / Social Media
* LODD / Family Assistance
* Pension – Castaneda
* Roll Call – Ricky
*Officer / Investigator of the month – Ryan

Treasury Report- motion by Ricky Brasuell, second by Ken Nealy – Approved
Approve Minutes- Motion by Tom Hayes, second by Debbie Lahaie – Approve
Unfinished Business
* Mayors executive order on police reform. (upcoming meeting with new IPOB chair)
* 6 academy class’ approved by Mayor
* Contract update- still on pause- this is by design- need time, evergreen clause
* Funding-Cares Act/Smart Act
* Online ID protection- available to members free of charge- WE NEED TO PUSH THIS
* HOPA-Tim Whitaker 832-200-3499
* ATO events update- Tom
* Fees waived on building rental go ONLY through Ken
* membership meeting – stick around!
* Next meeting is Thursday August 5th

Other new business
Aarons Car needs to be replaced           –
Motion by: Tom Hayes                              Second: Ricky Brasuell.
Victory Life Ministry                                  –        $1000
Motion by: David Vasquez                       Second: Rhonda Willaims                        Motion carried
Hold’em and hit’em Golf tournament –        $2000
Motion By: Ricky Brasuell                       Second: Tom Hayes                                     Motion Carried
Police Wellness Training Program (YOGA) –
Motion By: Derrick Griffin                     Second: Eric Carr                                          Motion Carried
Back to school 5K                                                 – $1000
Motion By: Ken Nealy                                Second: Derrick Griffin                             Motion Carried
Kirstyn’s Krew                                                      – $5000
Motion By: Debbie Lahaie                        Second: Eric Carr                                        Motion Carried
911 Hero’s Run                                                      – $5000
Motion By: Dan Levine                              Second: Ken Nealy                                      Motion Carried
Budget for Family Assistance – crusade – $5000
Motion by: Rhonda Williams                  Second: Ken Nealy                                      Motion Carried
New Members – Academy Class – 248
                                Christian Lyil – returning…..
Motion to adjourn by Tom Hayes, second by Ken Nealy, meeting adjourned



General Membership Meeting June 3rd, 2021 11am

Call to order, pledge, prayer
Meeting Dedication:  Ken Nealy – David Huerta
Mike Knox – presentation of air support
Patrol Officer of Month – Ryan Morland
Investigator of the Month
Treasurer’s Report on tables
Reminder that minutes are at hpou.org
• Contract update info- on pause by design 2% in july
Mayor’s taskforce on police reform.
New Independent Police Oversite Board – Meeting soon
• Legislation in Austin – Floy Act, Qualified Immunity
• Commander Anderson and her team along with Ray and TLEC
• Retirements are up and recruitments are down.
• Need to recruit, we offer a drawing for 2k if you mentor- all classes this year
• Discipline – Still working with Chief on this
• No one getting disciplined for saying “BRO”.
• If you want to know just call and ask!
• Meeting with DA – Kim Ogg
• We have worked with AC Bainbridge and EAC Satterwhite on Education Based Discipline
• Movie Night had to be moved. June 11th behind the HPOU – Please register
• Family Picnic November 13th at the Oil Ranch
• Online ID protection – free another service we provide
• Social media- helps us spread the word – stay off tic toc
• PR campaign with BARC, pictures with animals-contact Dan Levine
• Reminder that City email is all open records request eligible/ City Phones
• If you need a will done, paperwork on stage from Fulton Broemer, free as well has HPOPS
*HPOU App will be allowed on city phone once it is back up and running.
*Peer Support is live: 832 200 3499 – HOPA
*Thinking of retiring? See PSFG for free no obligation financial analysis.
*Next meeting is Thursday August 5th

Unfinished Business
Any New Members All of class 248, and Christian Lyal
Door Prizes/Adjourn

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