Book Review: Retired Homicide Sgt. Brian Foster writes Book 2 in his True Crime Series

M. D. Beale (HPD Retired)

They Were Graveyard Dead

By Sgt. Brian Foster, HPD Homicide (Retired)

Book 2 of the Crime Series

I’m getting even more picky about what books I read in my old age.  If a book doesn’t interest me in the first three pages I quit reading it and find something else.  I read this book in two sessions and would have done it in one but life always gets in the way when I’m having a good time.

By the time I finished the book I was ready to retire again.  It was that vivid for me, but I lived the life for 33 years.

This book fills in all the details that shows like Forensic Files and other “true crime” TV shows leave out.  These are real stories with real outcomes, no fiction here.

These are real “everyday” murders, robberies, burglaries and rapes, with all of the actual blood, guts, gore, greed, graft, corruption, mayhem, lying, cheating, stealing, debauchery and treachery that are integral to a real working cop’s everyday life.

Like all of Brian’s stories, they are told with Brian’s usual conversational style, written like he talks.  When I read this book (like all of his books) – I wasn’t “reading” it in my mind – I was hearing Brian actually verbally speaking to me.  Brian’s books should be done in audio by a professional.

I was involved intimately in two of the stories.  One involved over 50 officers in one role or another and lasted years before the U. S. Supreme Court inadvertently, through an unrelated case, delivered all but one (he pled for a life sentence and is still in, I guess) of them from Death Row and the jaws of Justice back into society.

The other I worked by myself and it took over four years and three trials (not two) to get a final conviction but with much more punishment than the crook or his lawyer anticipated.  I was lucky in that both of these cases were solved.

These cases come from all over Texas.  However, they represent what working cops everywhere deal with, and sometimes live with for the rest of their lives.

I highly recommend you get a copy of They Were Graveyard Dead, grab a cup of coffee or a cool, refreshing beverage, and find an easy chair to enjoy both of them in.

If you’re not a police officer, you can read what real police work’s all about.   If you’re a young officer, you can pick up some pointers to help you along life’s way.  If you’re a veteran officer, you can always learn something and appreciate the finer points of murder/robbery investigations from the past.  If you’re a retired officer, it’s a good walk down Memory Lane – and maybe like me, it’ll remind you of why you finally retired.


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