Brave Officer Selle gets wounded, helped by back-ups Smith and Maldonado; the 3 share Patrol Officer honor

Editorial Staff
HPOU President Joe Gamaldi is pictured here alongside the HPOU Patrol Officers of the Month, left to right, Officers Lazaro Maldonado, Kevin Smith and Jasmine Selle. Photo by Gary Hicks

Westside Officer Jasmine Selle returned to light duty Aug. 21 after recovery from gunshot wounds suffered during the June 28 arrest of a gun-toting suspect who opened fire in the 10110 block of Forum Park.

Selle got back-up from two other officers, Kevin Smith and Lazaro Maldonado. For their bravery and diligence to duty the three officers were honored in the HPOU August general membership meeting as HPOU Patrol Officers of the Month.

Selle learned that there was a vehicle pursuit in her patrol area and that officers had lost sight of the vehicle in question. When a wrecker driver discovered the suspect vehicle, Officer Selle drove to the location to block the vehicle on the side of the street between two parked vehicles. She immediately sought to arrest the suspect.

“The suspect also exited his vehicle,” HPOU President Joe Gamaldi said during the presentation ceremony, “and walked northbound. Officer Selle gave verbal commands to the suspect to stop and let her see his hands.

“The suspect stopped, raised a handgun and fired it directly at Officer Selle, striking her in the arm. At that point Officer Selle showed incredible bravery. She stayed in the fight despite being shot and with the help of back-up Officers Maldonado and Smith, shot and killed the suspect.”

All three officers maintained over on the suspect and requested an ambulance to take Selle to the hospital. The two back-ups placed a tourniquet on Selle’s arm to help control the bleeding.

Selle said she returned to light duty on Aug. 21, indicating she hoped to return to patrol duties as soon as possible.