Bruce Wright chosen Patrol Officer of the Month

The Houston Police Officers Union honored Officer Bruce Wright as the Patrol Officer of the Month at its March general membership meeting.

The Union’s Luis Menendez-Sierra called Wright “a rock star” of the department who “always goes above and beyond the call of duty.

“Three times in the last six weeks I have seen him willingly take over cluster scenes and volunteered to do the entire thing – report, charges, transports, etc. ”

Then Menendez-Sierra got even more specific:

Recently Wright was dispatched to a weapons disturbance call that posed exceptional challenges. It involved a male suffering from Down’s Syndrome, mild retardation, bi-polarism and depression. He cussed the officer and directed slurs at him.

“When it came time to have to put hands on this fellow, ” Menendez-Sierra reported, as he described the respectful and professional demeanor of the officer, “Bruce handled it with as little violence and as much dignity as he possibly could. ”

He did so by bear-hugging this large individual and lowered him down from some train tracks near the care home where he resided.

Once the male was restrained, “Bruce took the time to explain to his house mates at the care home the reasoning as to why he had to act in that matter, Menendez-Sierra said, “and further explained that he had done his best to act in a way that exuded the least amount of violence possible.

The man ultimately got the medical attention he needed.

“Bruce Wright has shown on multiple occasions his desire to help others and to excel at his position in the department. He goes out of his way daily to help and protect the citizens of this community and is well known around the area and is met with positive attitudes from citizens who know him. ”