Caballero’s quick thinking and steady leadership helps capture 4 suspects, earning him Patrol honor

Tom Kennedy

When HPD officers were working a dayshift hotspot in the 1000 block of Federal Road, they spotted suspects wearing masks and carrying weapons enter a vehicle at the same time a robbery alarm sounded at this address.


They called for assistance and Officer D. Caballero responded. Caballero’s actions prompted the HPOU to recognize him as Patrol Officer of the Month at the August general membership meeting.


Caballero attempted to stop the suspects’ vehicle as it was fleeing from the area. He drove the primary ensuing unit in a high-speed chase which covered 23 miles over 30 minutes.


According to the report, Caballero’s demeanor during this pursuit was exemplary, he having initially called Fox, K-9 and his supervisor.


Due to the weather conditions there was no Fox available, a fact that failed to deter Caballero in his active pursuit. He provided updates on a regular basis, controlled his speech and emtoions and constantly pointed out possible traffic situations, choke points and road conditions.


Sgt. Luis Menedez-Sierra presents Patrol Officer of the Month honor to Officer D. Caballero at the August general membership meeting. GARY HICKS PHOTO.

As the chase continued into North Division’s area, Caballero continued his updates, always remaining calm.


As the chase moved to back streets and apartment complexes, Caballero correctly called for units to cover upcoming apartment complexes to prepare for the suspects to abandon their vehicle. Eventually the suspects did abandon their vehicle while it was still moving in the 7300 block of Alabonson. Caballero arrested one of the four suspects and soon after other officers nabbed the other three. The four were charged with multiple felonies.


The patrol officer was recognized for his steady demeanor which resulted in the arrests without injury to officers or damage to police equipment.