Calf Scramble Report: August great learning period for hair clipping and a feeding plan

Grace Ritter

August flew by fast. This month has been another of training. As Roxie is getting into the groove of having a schedule, she is becoming more and more relaxed.

August has been full of new things for not only Roxie but me as well. Roxie got her hooves trimmed, hair clipped and a new hair routine this month. As that sounds a little crazy, we felt that washing and conditioning her hair more would promote more hair growth.

At the end of the month we went to a prospect show, placing first in class and Grand Champion Brangus Female. As she is getting older, she is looking better as the days go by.

The only big challenge that we faced this month was changing her feeding plan. We had to analyze her flaws and see exactly what type of feeding program that we needed to put her on.

Although this was something different, it gave me more information on feeds.