Calf Scrambler Report: The decision is made: A Red Brangus heifer!

Taylor Alverez

Editor’s Note: Taylor Alvarez was a successful calf scrambler at this year’s Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. He got the calf sponsored by the Texas Police Trust and is providing HPOU members updates on his progress for next year.

This month I decided what breeder I will be purchasing my heifer from. I will purchase a Red Brangus heifer from Monte Williams at Precision Guesswork Cattle. I decided I wanted to buy a Red Brangus heifer after much research and many references.

I still haven’t decided what her name will be, but I will be going to get her within the next 2 weeks. I am waiting for her to ween off of her mother.

Since I don’t have a heifer to write about, I will tell you a little about myself. I am 17 years old and I go to Clear Brook High School. I joined FFA my freshman year, but didn’t become an active member until my junior year. I always wanted an animal but never had a person who would be able to take me to and from the barn each and every day to feed my animal, so I waited till junior year when I got my driver’s license and purchased a CCISD pig.

My CCISD pig got a chronic pneumonia and passed away after a month of me having him. I used it as a learning experience and saved up money to buy a HLSR market barrow.

Since I joined FFA I have noticed a positive impact in my life and developed a strong sense of responsibility. The other kids in my FFA chapter have become like a family to me and I know I can rely on them for help and vice versa.