Calf Scrambler The Big Job: bonding with the heifer in the pasture

Taylor Alvarez

Editor’s Note: Taylor Alvarez was a successful calf scrambler at this year’s Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. He got the calf sponsored by the Texas Police Trust and is providing HPOU members updates on his progress for next year.


This month I have encountered many learning experiences with Sangria. I have bonded with her and she’s starting to bond with me and trust me.

Sangria has been a handful but with persistence and patience she has started to listen and walk with me very well. I have walked her in the arena every day and bathed her every other day.

Last Wednesday I put her in the pasture for the first time, whenever I first let her loose in the pasture she ran wild and began bucking and running around the whole pasture.

The next morning when I went to get her out to feed, she would look at me but wouldn’t come to me when I yelled her name so I had to chase her for an hour before she finally realized I was trying to feed her and ran to the gate. Now the pasture has become a reward that she looks forward to if she behaves well in the arena and wash rack.

My experience with Sangria is getting better and better each and every day that goes by. I am falling in love with her and I feel like a sad day care mom when I let her loose in the pasture.

Everyone in the barn likes to make fun of me because I talk to her as if she can talk back. Sangria is truly becoming a girls best friend.