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Cites Specifics: DA Candidate Huffman says Harris County is in the middle of the ‘Perfect Storm’ that let violent criminals go free, commit murders

District Attorney candidate Mary Nan Huffman must feel like “a criminal justice meteorologist” navigating the perfect storm of sunny skies and fair weather for the habitual criminals getting out of jail free – or almost free – during the Coronavirus pandemic. “COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to release violent and repeat offenders from Read More

Jason’s best friend details 1984-DASH-2020

Jason Knox’s best friend quoted from that special memorializing poem by Linda Ellis. It’s entitled The Dash Poem and is oft-quoted at memorial services for special people. Senior Police Officer Michael Bruner paid special tribute to Knox, whose DASH goes between 1984 and 2020. He was 35 years old when his life was taken in Read More

We Will Endure, We Will Overcome, Together

There are no magic words I can say, no quote I can offer that will remove the incredible grief we are all feeling right now. Even days after the helicopter crash that claimed his life, it still doesn’t seem real that we have lost our brother, Officer Jason Knox. If you didn’t have the pleasure Read More

Pandemic Plan: HPOU goes thousands of miles to process hand sanitizer but doesn’t have to go far to get free meals from local restaurants

The Houston Police Officers Union is leaving no road untraveled and no ethanol supplier untapped in its detailed ongoing effort to supply HPD officers with masks, hand sanitizers and hot meals from some of the city’s most dedicated restauranteurs and sandwich makers. Thanks to radio personality Michael Berry, the Union was instrumental in the distribution Read More

Remembering ‘Brewster’: COVID-19 hampers fundraising run recognizing family violence victims and memorializing the brave sergeant who gave his life in the line of duty

Dec. 7, 2019. A date that will forever be ingrained into my memories, a date that will forever be ingrained into the lives of many, and a date forever engraved on the beautiful Houston Police Officer’s Memorial on Memorial Drive. The name is Christopher Brewster, although I only knew him as “Brewster.” Recalling the chain Read More

No assembly to honor HPOU scholars but let’s recognize them!

COVID-19 HAS WREAKED HAVOC ON ASSEMBLIES DESIGNED TO celebrate excellence and honor the brightest and best amongst us. We just can’t assemble like we used to for a still-unknown amount of time. Not only did this effectively postpone or possibly cancel the Assist the Officer Heroes Gala, it cancelled the annual breakfast honoring the recipients Read More

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