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Does HPOU provide member benefits? Yes!

IN A CONVERSATION BETWEEN UNION MEMBERS LAST MONTH one member suggested that the Union doesn’t provide enough benefits. The second member said that flat wasn’t so and provided the proverbial “bullets” to prove the point. The Badge & Gun took the following notes. The Houston Police Officers Union provides:   Legal representation from the scene Read More

As we figured, changes inevitable in HPD body camera policies

I know it seems that every week we have new information regarding the body-worn cameras. Here’s the latest: there will soon be another policy coming out in the next few weeks regarding them. As many of you have seen, the new circular came out regarding wearing the cameras while at extra jobs involving clubs. The Read More

HPOU sets up paw-nership with BARC; Paws and Patrol promotes pet adoption

The HPOU has implemented what might jocularly be called the one-officer/one-dog program that operates hand-in-paw with BARC, the city’s adopt-a-pet operation. An idea developed by the HPOU resulted in the formation of Paws and Patrol, which began about two months ago, according to HPOU Board Member Sgt. Danny Levin, who also serves as board secretary. Read More

HPOU scholarship award winners To be honored at April 27 breakfast

HPOU Education Committee Chairwoman Rhonda Williams said 88 Union scholarship awardees will be recognized at an April 27 breakfast at the Breck Porter Building. Williams said the number represents the largest in the history of the program, which presents college freshman-year scholarships of $500 or $1,000 to the winning entrants of an essay contest. Every Read More

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