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Fallen Heroes: Officer David Duncan Murdock

David Duncan Murdock was born in Bryan, Texas on August 31, 1884. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. J. H. (Ella) Murdock. He came to the Houston Police Department on October 15, 1920, from Bryan, where he had been employed as a deputy sheriff and constable. The best information about David Murdock’s fate comes from Read More

HPD Honor Guard learns from Arlington’s ‘Old Guard’

HPD’s Honor Guard recently traveled to Fort Myer, Virginia and trained with the US Army’s 3rd Infantry – known as “the Old Guard” – at Arlington National Cemetery. Honor Guard member and HPD Capt. Greg Fremin stated, “It was a rarity and a great honor for our Honor Guard to be allowed to do this Read More

Essay: Officers must remember they get only one mistake

As a law enforcement officer, you only get one mistake. No other occupation on the planet gets only one. At graduation, when the department issues you a badge and uniform, tey should give you a certificate that reads: Good for only one mistake. In law enforcement, when you use up that one, single, solitary mistake Read More

Sergeant, two officers share Investigator of Month honor

Sgt. Warren Meeler of the Homicide Division successfully nominated three officers for HPOU’s Investigator of the Month honor in HPOU’s January general membership meeting. Meeler presented the award to Officer Jennifer Medel of the Robbery Division and Sgt. Myron Dillingham and Senior Police Officer J. P. Villareal, both from Homicide. Investigative work by these three Read More

Our contract, Austin issues and Local elections

As of the writing of this column, Jan. 31, our contract is nearing completion.  I anticipate it being complete and posted online soon after the Feb. 5 general membership meeting. Hard copies will be available at the HPOU.  Explanation sessions will be held at the Union around the clock for several days.  Voting also will Read More

Thank You Notes

HPOU, Thank you and your board for sending the beautiful floral arrangement in remembrance of my mom. It truly touched us and brought comfort to our family. Your kindness and thoughtful gesture will never be forgotten. Sincerely, Mike  Houston Police Officers Union, Thank you for the beautiful green plant with the touch of a butterfly Read More

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