President's Messages

We Will Endure, We Will Overcome, Together

There are no magic words I can say, no quote I can offer that will remove the incredible grief we are all feeling right now. Even days after the helicopter crash that claimed his life, it still doesn’t seem real that we have lost our brother, Officer Jason Knox. If you didn’t have the pleasure Read More

Psych Services: Your kids are bored – Don’t let them find a gun

As we struggle with the pandemic, safe weapon storage is more important than ever. Times are desperate. We’re unnerved by missed paychecks, shortages and stories of makeshift morgues. Kids are stuck at home all day, and they’re exploring. In the best of times, Texans are too casual about gun storage. Tragically, we lead the nation Read More

The Statistics are in for 2019, and you continue to do a great job!

Those who read these articles know I am big on statistics when it comes to our profession. Too often individuals attempt to use emotional arguments to damage the reputation of Houston police officers. After all this is 2020, when you share factual information you are accused of hate speech. Literally, this just happened to me. Read More

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