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The Number 1 silent killer of police officers: Suicide!

This is going to be a difficult article to write and an even more difficult one for you to read. But if we don’t talk about controversial issues and if we don’t shine the light in the dark corners, we risk ignoring major problems within our Blue Family. Let’s start with some statistics: in 2017 Read More

JFlo Strong Fundraiser Shows We Take Care of Our Own

I recently had the pleasure of attending the benefit for Houston Police Department legend Jerry Flores. If you did not have the opportunity to attend, please allow me to pass along the following thoughts on the event. Although I was amazed by the turnout, they easily had several hundred if not a thousand people at Read More

Don’t Believe Any of Those Contract Rumors

As you are aware we started contract negotiations at the beginning of June. We had several productive meetings with the City’s negotiating team; however, the last two weeks we have been on hold as the City conducts a pay study of our market counterparts, Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas and San Antonio. Of course, we were Read More

Many Rumors to Correct and Opinions to Express

Let’s make something abundantly clear regardless of your position on political issues and whether you agree or disagree with the chief, he should NOT be making political statements in uniform. If any one of us were to make political statements in uniform, we would be disciplined. We cannot have one set of rules for the Read More

FOP Membership, Our Contract, Honoring the Fallen

Several years back the HPOU withdrew the membership from both major national police organizations, National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) and Fraternal Order of Police (FOP). We continued to pay dues for anyone that wished to stay a member of FOP, but as a whole, we stopped participating in both. The HPOU was displeased with Read More

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit the next generation!

By now it should be no secret that our focus here at the HPOU has been aggressively addressing our staffing crisis in the Houston Police Department. Recruiting has been the subject of previous articles and countless interviews; we even held a press conference announcing our “Drive for 500” to add at least that many officers Read More

With the March primary election upon us: GET OUT AND VOTE!

As we approach primary season, early voting is set to start on Feb. 20 with election day shortly after on March 6, I would like to stress the importance of every member getting out to vote. But it’s not just enough for you to vote; you must talk to your family, friends and neighbors to Read More

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