Chaplain Montgomery excited about new second floor Prayer and Meditation Room location at 1200 Travis

Tom Kennedy

One day at 1200 Travis HPD Chaplain Montgomery grew concerned about the location of the Department’s Prayer and Meditation Room.

Since it was located adjacent to his office on the 18th floor, the chaplain thought maybe it was too out-of-the-way for most officers and civilian personnel to reach. He admitted he didn’t really know what to do about the situation.

 Well, then again, he did know. He prayed about it.

His prayers were answered, too. Montgomery believes God used Assistant Chief Charley Vasquez to provide the nine-year chaplain with his answer. Montgomery’s office was exactly what Vasquez needed.

Where would the Prayer and Meditation Room be relocated to?

Again, another assistant chief, Matt Slinkard, provided the answer on the more convenient and much-easier-to-get-to second floor.

To get there, take the elevator to the second floor, look toward the Gang Unit office and Chief Slinkard’s office and you will find the Prayer and Meditation Room in between those two doors.

Like the 18th floor location, the chaplain’s office adjoins this special facility designed to accommodate officers and civilian employees of all faiths and beliefs.

“We’ve always done that,” Chaplain Montgomery explained. It’s been almost nine years since the original prayer room was established. That was in 2006, the year I was chosen to be chaplain.”

The new room was actually completed in March but Montgomery wants to get the word out to everybody, emphasizing the new convenience.

“The important thing is,” he pointed out, “the door that leads into the whole complex stays open 24 hours a day. If people walk by, they’re drawn in. There is a prayer bench in there. Anybody of any faith can pray there.”

There are two pews in the room. Montgomery hopes to place the logo stickers of the HPOU, HPROA and AAPOL at appropriate locations on the pews and welcomes other organizations to give the go-ahead to do the same thing. “The stickers are there in order to show the bringing together of all organizations under one chaplain,” he said. “I would be the c of all those organizations. That’s something that’s unique because it’s never happened before in the history of the department.”

The chaplain often expresses how much he loves serving all officers in the department. “Having the Prayer and Meditation Room on the second floor is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to come down. Being on 18 probably made it difficult. Now it’s down where people feel free to come in.

“Civilians working in the department have been coming in. This is open to every officer anywhere. Patrol officers can park and come in for a few minutes.”

True, the 18th floor location had a window that looked out over the city of Houston. The second floor room has no window, although the chaplain said, “This is not about a window, it’s about giving more people the opportunity to come in and feel comfortable.”