Community Honors Clear Lake Sergeant

Barbara Schwartz

The Association of Clear Lake Communities (ACLC) honored Houston Police Sergeant Greg Countie for his thirty-seven years of dedicated service to Houston and Clear Lake.


The surprise ceremony took place after Sgt. Countie spoke at the Clear Lake crime watch town hall meeting on March 28, 2017.


His keen observation skills led him to suspect something was up when family members snuck into the back of the meeting room during his talk.


Frank Weary, a founding member of the ACLC, served as master of ceremonies for the town hall and read a touching tribute and Sgt. Countie’s biography to the town hall attendees.


Kathy Dooley, ACLC Secretary, said that when the ACLC members learned that Sgt. Countie planned to retire this summer, they wanted to recognize his service as a police officer and as a Naval Reserve Officer.


“Greg has added so much to the quality of life in the communities of Clear Lake for so many years,” Dooley explained. “Greg has been instrumental in the wonderful communications we have enjoyed between the police department and the community.”


The ACLC membership includes representatives from homeowners associations from across the Clear Lake City region. The members meet to confer on shared community interests including crime prevention, flood control, schools, deed restrictions, street maintenance, and traffic.


Extremely humbled that the citizens recognized his service, Sgt. Countie admits that he had not expected or anticipated the ACLC award ceremony. “I appreciate the honor. I love the community as much as the citizens. I have the same stake in the community as they do.”


Sgt. Countie’s ties to Clear Lake go beyond the job. He grew up in Clear Lake and lives in one of the ACLC communities. He attended Clear Lake High School where he met Carol, his wife of thirty-four years.


His career with HPD began in 1980 when he graduated in  Academy Class 90. From 1990 to 2004, he worked as the DARE Officer for the Clear Creek ISD.


He later drew assignments with Central and Southeast Patrol and Air Support Divisions.


After his promotion to sergeant in 2007, he returned to Clear Lake Patrol. First, serving as a Hot Spot/Tactical Supervisor, then in his current position supervising the community services, crime analysis, and Differential Response Team (DRT) units.


“Greg has been a wonderful asset to the Clear Lake community in so many ways.” Kathy Dooley noted that as a DARE officer Countie had taught her kids. “Not only from the standpoint as a liaison between the police department and the community, but also his interest in the community as a private citizen.”


Sgt. Countie has served on the Clear Lake Community Association Board of Directors, been a trustee for Clear Lake United Methodist Church, coached baseball, soccer, basketball, and flag football through the local YMCA, led a boy scout troop, and currently serves as president of his community association.


As a United States Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer, Countie deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and JTF-GTMO Cuba. Sgt. Countie retired from the reserves in March after thirty years of service to his country.


“He will be missed,” Dooley said of Countie’s retirement. “I hope he will stay actively involved in the community.”


Sgt. Countie plans to do just that.


“I have been fortunate to work in the community that I live in and will remain active as I have been reelected president of my HOA board.”


Sgt. Countie promises to remain connected to the Clear Lake Patrol officers and to continue as a point of contact between the department and the citizens.


“I was honored to serve the Clear Lake community,” Countie said. “It is a huge responsibility to wear the uniform of this city’s police and also a great honor.”


Clear Lake has been lucky to have him as a resident, a naval officer, and as a police officer.


Congratulations, Greg, on a well-deserved award.



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