Dallas Funeral Information and Transportation

The funeral plans for the 5 Officers murderer in the Dallas attacks are being finalized. At this time, we only have information on 4 of the funerals, but we now know that there will not be a singular large service honoring all the officers. The HPOU would like to provide transportation (buses or vans) for officers who want to attend the funerals and pay their respects. However, we need to confirm how many officers would like to attend which funerals, as two are occurring at the same time. The funeral information is the following:

Wednesday 07/13/16- Dallas PD Lorne Ahrens
11am- Prestwood Baptist Church, 6801 W.Park Blvd, Plano TX

Wednesday 07/13/16- DART Officer Brent Thompson
10am- 6777 W.Kiest Blvd, Dallas TX

Thursday- 07/14/16- Dallas PD Michael Smith
12pm- 7540 LBJ Freeway, Dallas TX

Saturday- 07/16/16- Dallas PD Patrick Zamarripa
11am- Service location still pending.

If you would like transportation provided for you to any of these funerals, you MUST CALL the HPOU at 832-200-3432 by 4pm TODAY (07/11/16). We need to get an accurate head count before ordering the transportation, so please be certain that you can attend before confirming. It’s our understanding that a city email will be sent out detailing the Departments plans to send a limited amount of officers in HPD vehicles, in an on duty capacity to attend the funerals. If you don’t want to wait for that confirmation you can utilize our transportation, however it will be on your own time.