Detective D. Yoon catches on fast in the Crimes against Children Unit, capping one investigation with the arrest of long-time predator

Tom Kennedy

After only a month of duty with the Crimes against Children Unit of the Special Victims Division, Detective David Yoon hit the ground running and quickly picked up speed.

It was July of last year when he was assigned a low-priority child assault case in which detailed information about the suspect was slow materializing. The detective soon connected the dots to other cases involving a suspecting fitting the same description as the one in his original assignment.

Initially, Yoon had difficulty tracking down the complainants in these cases. His sergeant, Lee Donovan cited the detectives worthy attributes and stick-to-itiveness in his successful nomination of Yoon as an HPOU Investigator of the Month.

“Detective Yoon showed a diligence in his work that shows he cares about the victims in these cases,” Sgt. Donovan said. “He used every avenue including travel to schools in Montgomery County to track down a possible complainant.”

Yoon created multiple-photo spreads that were shown to complainants and witnesses who positively identified the suspect. He soon determined that one male suspect was a serial child predator who had abused multiple victims over the years.

He interviewed the suspect, who agreed to a polygraph but failed to show up at the appointed time of the test. Meanwhile, two things happened – the district attorney filed charges against the suspect and the suspect fled Houston and the state of Texas before he could be arrested.

A determined Yoon used a CrimeStoppers press conference to solicit help from the public, an effort that resulted in even more victims coming forward. Last Oct. 15, 10 days after the press conference, the suspect was arrested in Idaho before he could scamper across the border to Canada.

Sgt. Donovan pointed out that Yoon “has handled several high-profile media cases, including a child death case in which a three-year-old died in a day care van…

“He is thriving and doing great things to help catch the worst predators in the city of Housotn. There are great things to come in his career in law enforcement.”