Detective David Nieto’s work thwarting Houston sex traffickers Earn him honors as HPOU’s Investigator of the Month in January

Editorial Staff

The HPOU recognized the long-term dedication and success of Detective David Nieto of the Vice Division’s Human Trafficking Unit by naming him Investigator of the Month in the January general membership meeting.

Commander James Dale detailed Nieto’s tireless efforts to sending human traffickers, aka pimps, to prison for compelling young women, some as young as 14 years old, into prostitution. Dale singled out two cases, both of which required years of securing details from witnesses, many of whom outlined the violent tactics of their traffickers/masters.

The commander’s accounts included an incident of holding a gun to a juvenile’s head threatening to kill her if she failed to continue working as a prostitute. Another story had the trafficker stuffing a peanut butter sandwich down the throat of one of his girls in an effort to put more weight on her.

Since 2009 Nieto has been assigned to the Vice Division and the FBI Task Force investigating “these types of horrific cases that involve children,” Dale said. “And during that time, Officer Nieto has recovered and rescued hundreds of children that have fallen prey into the sex trafficking industry. He has also charged hundreds of suspects at both the state and federal levels.”

Detailing two of Nieto’s cases, Commander Dale, cited one when he said, “This investigation is just one of many that exemplify the tireless investigative efforts of Detective Nieto, who has been investigating and recovering sex trafficking victims, arresting the most heinous criminals involved, and seeking justice for those victims for the last 10 years during his tenure.”

Dale reported that Nieto works all hours of the day 365 days a year, sometimes including holidays. He praised Nieto for his patience and dedication and devotion to helping the juvenile victims of sex trafficking in Houston.