Detective Magness honored as Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU awarded its Investigator of the Month honors to Detective Loren Magness of the Adult Sex Crimes Unit in the December general membership meeting in connection with her investigation of a brutal sexual assault.


The case began June 17 and entailed the violent sexual assault of a woman who was visiting a boyfriend who “virtually sexually assaulted the complainant and also tortured her over a two-day period.”


The investigation showed the perpetrator punched his victim in the stomach, pried her fingers backwards and pulled her arms backward until they actually became dislocated. He also squeezed her throat with his hands, tightening his grip until she lost consciousness.


The suspect violently raped the woman as she screamed for help and endured excruciating pain. The suspect’s female roommate aided and abetted the entire process. The female stomped the victim with steel-toed boots and threatened her safety if she reported these incidents to the police.


Detective Magness interrogated the male suspect, who confessed that he physically restrained the complainant at least seven times as she attempted to flee from the scene of these assaults. “The male suspect confessed to applying many of the violent torture techniques against the complainant,” according to Magness’ report.


As a result of the investigation, Magness was able to file four felony charges – sexual assault, aggravated kidnapping, impeding breath and retaliation – against both the male and female suspects. This result was attributed to the detective’s hard work and dedication.