Detective Medina Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy, Editor
Pictured with Detective Ashley Medina is Sgt. Charles Stavinoha, left, and Sgt. Michael Douglas. Photo by Gary Hicks

Detective Ashley Medina of the Special Victims Division, Adult Sex Crimes Unit tracked down a Lyft driver who raped an intoxicated passenger who had passed out in his car, interviewed the suspect and got him to admit to the crime.

For her hard work and dedication to duty, Medina was named the HPOU Investigator of the Month in the Union’s April general membership meeting.

The Lyft driver in question apparently was in the habit of preying upon intoxicated female passengers, one of whom passed out in his backseat one night after a birthday celebration in a local bar. She had had enough drinks to realize she shouldn’t be driving and suddenly the Lyft driver appeared willing to give her a free ride. Instead he took her to a park and sexually assaulted her.

The victim woke up the next morning feeling unexpected pain in her genital area. She went to the hospital and provided evidence for a rape kit. Detective Medina tracked down the Lyft driver and succeeded in getting confessions from him during interviews. She succeeded in getting a DNA sample from this individual and subsequently matched it with evidence in the victim’s rape kit. The next thing you know, she was able to put the suspect in jail, charged with sexual assault.

Furthermore, Medina contacted Lyft officials to ensure that the suspect was relieved from duty as a driver and will be ineligible to drive for any ride-sharing company again.