Editorial: A great idea becomes reality With the new HPOU app

IT’S ALWAYS GOOD TO SEE AN HPD OFFICER’S idea become a reality when the real product makes the often thankless job a lot easier.

In the latest example of a bright idea actually becoming reality, HPOU board member Luis Menendez-Sierra took note of the fact that most new officers were not using the valuable information provided in the annual calendar booklets issued by the Union. Instead, he saw them almost always referring to another source – their cell phones.

Why not put all the basic HPD information in a phone app so all an officer had to do was refer to the app to click and call any division or source of departmental information?

The process required about 18 months but Menendez-Sierra, along with HPOU 2nd Vice President Joe Gamaldi, worked with Softway Solutions, a local software development company, to create the HPOU App, a free download exclusively for HPOU members by going to Google Play or iTunes.

Gamaldi and Menendez-Sierra were thoughtful enough to put even more information on the app than is in the calendar, taking steps to include the department’s DWI checklist. All an officer has to do to access the information is call up the app on his or her cell phone and start clicking.

At least 650 Union members have already secured the app, which is sure to be a welcomed addition to modern-day Houston policing.

Unquestionably, this is another great idea that has become a noteworthy reality!