Editorial: Exciting future events accentuate the positives of today’s policing

Tom Kennedy

THE OPENING OF SPRING 2018 IS SEEING LOTS OF positive opportunities for Houston police officers/HPOU members.

The upcoming month of May will spotlight National Police Week, availing the citizenry HPD officers are charged to protect the chance to show its appreciation for the job we do. As usual, HPD will be out in full force during the week of May 14-18.

There will be the annual Police Week Awards Luncheon on May 17 and the Police Week Memorial Service at the Houston Police Memorial the following evening. These are just two of the other traditional events during this special week, which recognizes law enforcement officers all across America. You can find the full schedule in a Police Week story elsewhere in this issue of the Badge & Gun.

Also this month, please read about the first-ever Copoctober Fest, another exciting fun opportunity for HPOU members and their families.

This comes on the heels of the first-ever Assist the Officer Top Cop Gala in February, yet another fun and noteworthy soirée that recognized the outstanding HPD officers of the year and promoted the always awesome goals of Assist the Officer. The B&G regularly covers the fundraising skills of ATO and its array of dedicated volunteers. In fact, you will find picture coverage of the latest in this issue.

With all the negatives some of the citizens we serve and protect sometimes offering up unjust criticism, the Badge & Gun took this opportunity to underscore the positive. We believe more Houstonians than ever before are pledging strong support for Houston officers and just wanted to take this opportunity to accentuate the positives.