Editorial: HPD reflects Houston’s racially diverse population

Tom Kennedy, Editor

LET’S TAKE TIME OUT FROM ALL THE CORONAVIRUS WOES TO celebrate the racial diversity of the Houston Police Department.

For quite a few years now HPD has been considered a “majority minority” department, a marked contrast to the Houston Blue of the 1970s, 1980s and, of course, the years following World War II, when most new recruits were soldiers returning home. White soldiers.

We will have a better HPD officer/Houston demographic comparison when the 2020 Census is completed.

The latest HPD racial breakdown has 2,459 white officers. This compares to 1,527 African Americans, 1,851 Hispanics and 471 Asians.

All one has to do is the simple math. Adding the African Americans, Hispanics and Asians together and one gets a total of 3,849. This means HPD has 1,390 more minority officers than it does Anglo officers.

The only point here is that we’ve probably got the most diverse department in the nation, one that accurately reflects the population of the city it serves. And no matter the color of the faces, all are HOUSTON’S FINEST!