Editorial Reprint: Officer Moody died for Houston

The Houston Post

Editor’s Note: this is a reprint of an editorial in The Houston Post that appeared after the line-of-duty death of Officer Kenneth Moody.

Law-abiding Houstonians are shocked by the fatal shooting of a Houston policeman and the serious wounding of another within the short space of a few hours Tuesday night.  Ten Houston policemen have been shot in the line of duty this year.  Six of these have occurred since Nov. 4.  The death of Patrolman Kenneth Moody was the first fatality, but obviously the violence against law-enforcement officers has reached crisis proportions.


The act of robbery or burglary itself is a crime against society.  It defies orderly concepts and the respect for property, on which all societies must be based.


But the shooting of a policeman is incalculably worse.  A policeman is the guardian of our laws, our property, and our lives.  He is our protector.  And an attack on him is one of the most heinous crimes because it is intended to destroy the men who watch while the rest of us sleep.


Patrolman Moody died bravely in the line of duty.  His dedication to his job and his courage in the face of danger deserves the respect of all Houstonians.


Every society must have men who will see that its laws are obeyed.  Patrolman Moody was carrying out this important task when he died.  He was standing guard for the rest of us, trying to make Houston a safer place.


We grieve his death and we extend our sympathy to his family and to his fellow officers.  But tonight and every night, other policemen will be on the job, facing the same dangers Patrolman Moody faced.  For this, they deserve our assistance, our respect, and our thanks.


We, as law enforcement Officers, active and retired, totally agree.