Editorial: Start the New Year right with a wise resolution: Support HPOU PAC

Tom Kennedy

THE BEST ADVICE FOR THE NEW YEAR IS TO END YOUR membership in one particular minority group – the group of officers that make up the 30 percent of Union membership who do not contribute to the HPOU Political Action Committee.

Make the New Year the perfect time to join the PAC with a minimum $5 deduction in each of your pay checks. The PAC contributions to the City Council members, state representatives and senators and administrative officers such as County Clerk and District Clerk always make a difference. Nothing like having the ears and minds of elected officials when important policing and monetary issues crop up.

One easy example surfaces: the pension bill in the Legislature. Many ears heard our urgings and the brains between those ears acted in such a way that our own minds will be at ease as we keep a constant eye on our benefits.

The vast majority of our elected officials – including many judges at all levels – receive PAC contributions and can’t afford not to listen to us. Currently, HPOU PAC contributions total more than $20,000 monthly. As the old saying goes, $20,000 here and $20,000 there and before long you’re talking big money.

There’s lots of truth in that age-old cliché. We just want to make that point for the first time in the New Year. Please keep tabs on which HPOU PAC-backed candidates win. Our winner percentage has continued to climb year after year.

Next month’s Badge & Gun will have the HPOU PAC’s complete list of endorsements in the March primary election. The PAC will be making choices from JP to the governor. The time has come to put a few dollars of your money toward a great cause for you and your family – toward the support of the best interests of Houston police officers.