Editorial: We believe Houston heeds PRAY FOR POLICE And that God answers prayers for the good guys

The PRAY FOR POLICE CAMPAIGN INITIATED IN the wake of the tragic murder of Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth is experiencing unquestionable success. Response has been so unbelievable that men and women of faith inside HPD believe God is answering the thousands of prayers going up for Houston police and countless other men and women in uniform as well as all first responders.

The prayers voiced during the 24-hour PRAY FOR POLICE vigil held at HPOU headquarters Sept. 9-10 – as well as on radio station KSBJ – went out for the entire community, pleading for God’s wisdom to effect peace and safety everywhere. Hopes are now high that these prayers will help to heal the city and unite the nation in support of those sworn to protect and serve.

HPOU rose to the forefront to present a creative, common-sense plan designed to be the antithesis of the ongoing crusade against the law enforcement officers of America. The response is PRAY FOR POLICE and a thumbs up!

PRAY FOR POLICE has now expanded to Pearland, Pasadena and LaPorte, each time sponsored by the local PDs and involving passing out free police blue wrist bands. Now you can add a bumper sticker to the mix. Initially HPOU handed out close to 50,000 wrist bands. The Union ran out too quickly despite extra supplies that came from the Houston Police Foundation and Grace Community Church.

The replenished supply has quickly grown short. Orders in lots of 10,000 seemed to be placed on a regular basis to meet the growing demand. HPOU even sent 100 of them to Ferguson, Missouri. We predict that the same high demand will take place with the foundation’s PRAY FOR POLICE bumper stickers, which also spotlight the Twitter account, #P4P.

And Clear Channel Outdoor in Houston donated 20 billboards to get our message across on all freeways and other major thoroughfares.

Yes, it looks like the Good Lord is answering the prayers for the good guys!