Editorial: Workers Compensation Headaches? Take advantage of HPOU’s new advisory service

Tom Kennedy

ANY OFFICER WHO HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH Workers Compensation issues in recent days well knows how frustrating and complicated the process of filing a claim can be.   None of us knows when he or she will be in the predicaments resulting from injuries that happen on duty. The Union recognizes this often troublesome predicament and has entered a partnership we believe you will find to be very helpful.

Please see the flyer in this issue of the Badge & Gun. Basically, HPOU’s partnership with Doctors Counsel of Texas will provide a counselor to assist you with your Worker’s Compensation claims. The flyer contains the name and number to call: Ms Sara Santiago at 1-800-871-0551

Please note the importance of timely filing your claim. Your other entitlements are listed in the flyer. The important part of the Workers Comp equation is being sure that you know enough information through this counseling service to save you and your family time, trouble and money.

We hope members feel the good news at having a ready advisor with the expertise and ability to ease them through the often-tangled mess that generally gets to be too cumbersome to feel comfortable in what might be – and often is – a painful recovery situation.