The graduate program in Criminology leads to the master of arts (MA) degree. The academic goal of the program is to provide students with a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of crime: why it occurs, how it is measured, and how it might be controlled. An additional goal is to help students develop the knowledge and skills needed to obtain successful careers within the criminal justice system or advance in their current careers.

Applicants should have a strong undergraduate preparation in the Behavioral Sciences; those with less than 12 upper-level hours are required to take additional undergraduate course work at UHCL.

Application for Admission

Applicants must complete an online university Application for Admission and submit all required fees and documents (transcripts and Graduate Record Exam scores, if needed) directly to the Office of Admissions:

Office of Admissions, University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Blvd. Houston, 77058

Beginning with the Fall 2007 semester, in order to be accepted into a graduate degree plan in the School of Human Sciences and Humanities, applicants must have a minimum of a 3.000 cumulative grade point average (gpa) in their last 60 hours of undergraduate course work. Those applicants who are certain that they meet the minimum cumulative gpa requirement are not required to take the GRE. Students whose cumulative gpa falls below 3.000 may still be considered for admission into a graduate degree program. They must submit scores from the Verbal and Quantitative portions of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). To be admitted into degree candidacy in HSH, students must have a minimum score of 2050 using the following formula: (gpa in the last 60 undergraduate hours x 500) + GRE Verbal + GRE Quantitative = 2050 or higher. In order to have adequate time to review applicants’ material, the Application for Admission, transcripts for all prior college course work and GRE scores (if necessary) must be received by the Office of Admissions according to the following deadlines:

  • Fall Enrollment – August 1
  • Spring Enrollment – December 1
  • Summer Enrollment – May

Transfer Credit

A maximum of 12 graduate credits earned at another institution may be applied toward the M.A. degree if the following requirements are met:

  1. The course or courses are pertinent to the degree objective and the Plan of Studies.
  2. The course or courses were taken not more than five years before admission to graduate study at UHCL.
  3. Grades of “B-” or better were earned; Grades of “C+” and below are not acceptable.
  4. The course or courses were not applied to a graduate degree already earned.
  5. The course or courses were not taken by correspondence or extension.
  6. At least 24 credits of the degree program must be earned at UHCL.

Master of Arts in Criminology

Required Courses:

This degree requires 36 semester credit hours with thesis, project or internship, or 39 hours with the course work option.

General Requirements: 15 hours

CRIM 5036 Research Design and Statistics I – 3 hours
CRIM 5037 Research Design and Statistics II – 3 hours
CRIM 5136 Race and Crime – 3 hours
CRIM 5331 Advanced Criminology – 3 hours
CRIM 5536 Law and Society – 3 hours

Two courses selected from the following courses: 6 hours

CRIM 5133 Advanced Juvenile Delinquency
CRIM 5139 Correctional Institutions
CRIM 5338 Criminal Law
CRIM 5432 Sociology of Law Enforcement

Criminology Electives: 9 hours *

(from this list or others approved by faculty)

CRIM 5135 Death Penalty
CRIM 5137 Prevention and Control of Crime
CRIM 5138 Homeland Security
CRIM 5332 White Collar Crime
CRIM 5333 Computer Crime
CRIM 5335 Criminal Justice and Mass Media
CRIM 5339 Comparative Criminology
CRIM 5431 Domestic Violence
CRIM 5433 Serial Murder
CRIM 6734 Future of Crime and Justice

*Any course from the Core list not used for the Core requirement may also be used as an elective.

Master’s Option:

Choose one: 6 hours

CRIM 6739 Internship
CRIM 6839 Project
CRIM 6939 Thesis


Course work Option:

CRIM 6735 Seminar in Criminology 3 hours
and 15 hours of electives

Criminology Faculty

Dr. Steven Egger
Associate Professor of Criminology

Dr. Everette Penn
Assistant Professor of Criminology

Dr. Steve Rosoff
Associate Professor of Criminology

Dr. Stephen Walters
Associate Professor of Criminology

For more information on UHCL’s Distance Education Programs, contact:

Leticia Sanchez-Retamozo
Academic Advisor
Cell: 281-253-9503

Additional questions may be addressed to:

Advising Office, School of Human Sciences and Humanities
University of Houston-Clear Lake
2700 Bay Area Boulevard, Houston, TX 77058
Phone: 281-283-3333