Family Support Unit making a positive mark!

Tom Kennedy

THE HOUSTON LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS FAMILY SUPPORT UNIT is on a roll to steadfastly achieve its goal to help the families of HPD officers injured in the line of duty.

HLEOFS is led by spouses of HPD officers. Its profile has grown over this past year and seems bound to become even better known in 2017. Recently the unit has helped the families of Officers Dane Money and Karl House. Money suffered a severe leg injury in an on-duty motorcycle accident and House suffered a heart attack on duty.

This great family-oriented group stepped up and assessed the Money family needs. The accident couldn’t have come at a more crucial juncture in the family’s plans. The Money family was in the process of selling one home to move into a new one. HLEOFS volunteers helped with packing chores and helped arrange a moving company to complete the always thankless task of moving a family.

When House suffered a heart attack many family members camped out at the hospital. This organization, led by its president, Jennifer Bates, provided food for the group, which included family members from out of town. It also held a fundraiser to offset the cost of the family’s immediate needs.

The family support unit will remain a viable, much-needed organization that fits in with the awesome HPD family. That’s among the reasons why the Badge & Gun is calling your attention to the group’s exciting March 18 fundraising event – the 1st Annual Battle of the Badges Softball Tournament at Collins Park in Spring. Law enforcement officers and their teams may enter the tournament. Bates and her volunteer staff have promoted the event to law enforcement agencies all over the Greater Houston/Gulf Coast area. The team registration fee is $150. Bates said the family support unit already has at least two corporate sponsors, Kroger and Shipley’s Donuts – and she believes those are the first two of many. For information contact Mandy Day at

We wish HLEOFS good luck in becoming outstanding in its field – its softball field!