February 1 Membership Meeting Minutes


Joe Gamaldi called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rev. Corey Wilson led the prayer.



Luis Menendez read the meeting dedication for Officer Gonzalo Q. Gonzales who was killed in the Line of Duty on Sunday, February 28th, 1960.



Joe introduced the Houston Law Enforcement Officer’s Family Support Unit. The Houston Law Enforcement Officer’s Family Support Unit President announced they had provided over 700 meals to the HPOU during Hurricane Harvey and would be providing a total of $20,000 dollars to Officers whose homes flooded.

Jennifer Bates presented the following Houston Police Officers with their checks:

Officer Matt Fowler

Officer Eddie Rodriguez

Officer Davis Vinton

Officer Charles Bawler

Officer Derrick Watson

Officer Kimberly King

Officer Mauricio Medina

Captain Bellamy

ATO presented Nestor Garcia with his benefit check resulting in the amount of $44,482.00 dollars.

Joe presented Cindy Gillcrest who announced there would be a fundraiser taking place at the Union for Officer Gilbert’s family on February 16, 2018.

Lt. Joselyn Johnson presented Officer Jones and Officer Ruben from the Northeast patrol division as Officers of the month.

Joe announced Papa John’s would be providing pizza for Northeast evening shift patrol in honor of the Officers of the month. Joe informed the membership that Papa John’s would hereinafter provide the Officers’ of the month patrol station shift with pizza.

Lt. Harvey from the Burglary and Theft Division presented Richard Anderson as Investigator of the month.

Joe informed the membership that the treasurer’s reports were on the tables.

Joe reminded the membership that the minutes were available on HPOU.org.



Joe reminded the membership that the last day to register is February 5, 2018 and that early voting starts on February 20, 2018. Joe informed the Board the HPOU’s full list of endorsements for upcoming primaries would be available by the afternoon on the HPOU website.

Joe informed the membership that the Drive for 500 Pledge press conference was held on January 31, 2018 and went well. Joe stated that all City Council Members signed the pledge and that the Chief and Mayor attended the conference for support.

Joe reminded the membership that today was the last day to purchase Gala tickets. Joe stated the ATO Top Cop Gala would be this Saturday February 3, 2018 and that registration would start at 5:00pm and doors would open at 6:00pm.

Joe informed the membership that a 10k raise was given to Chad from the HPOU legal department in efforts to start training more lawyers on Workman’s comp law. Joe stated there is a glaring need of attorneys who are familiar with Workman’s comp law.

Joe informed the membership that he will continue to hold Judges and DA’S accountable. Joe informed the membership that the community has been giving back a lot of feedback and that Judge Velasquez wants to meet with him at the end of the month. Joe informed the membership that if they have a case they want him to investigate regarding a repeat or violent offender to please provide the suspect’s full name and date of birth.

Marco Lopez addressed the Board on grant funding. Marco stated the Houston Police Department submitted a request for 3.9 million dollars to outfit all first responders, tactical/pro-active investigators, and SWAT. On Jan 9, 2018 the department was awarded the full amount requested and is in the beginning stages of the purchasing process.

Joe stated the HPOPS board meeting will be held on February 15, 2018 and that the HPROA meeting will be held on February 8, 2018 at 9:00am.

Doug Griffith informed the membership that he had a RFI meeting with Watchguard on 1/31/18 where Watchguard provided the department with a few free items to test. Doug stated he will be meeting with different camera vendors. Joe informed the membership to continue and turn their body cameras on.

Doug informed the membership to contact him if they would like to join the Golf tournament.

Joe informed the membership that a survey was sent out on E-blast encouraging members to identify issues they want addressed in the next round of contract negotiations. Joe requested that members send an email suggesting changes they would like to see to him, Doug Griffith or Tom Hayes. Joe informed the membership contract negotiations would likely begin in February or early March.

Joe reminded the membership that the HPOU does not negotiate the burial fund, medical plans, comp hours, or the pension.

Joe informed the membership that two more spots were still available to attend the National Law Enforcement Retreat being hosted by Billy Graham Ministries at the Horseshoe Bay Resort from March 19-21, 2018. If interested contact Ray Hunt or Joe Gamaldi.

Joe Gamaldi acknowledged Jay Guerrera and Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel.

Joe reminded Officers to take the physical agility test. If passed, Officers who were hired prior to 03-30-2011 receive $800 dollars and those hired after that date receive 40 PD hours.

Joe advised the membership the cookout at Southwest was successful and that the next cookout will be taking place at the South Gessner station on February 15, 2018 from 11:30am-11:00pm.

Joe reminded the membership that scholarship applications are out and can be found on HPOU.org, in the Badge and Gun, on the HPOU FB/Twitter page. Joe reminded the Board to please turn in their applications before the deadline which is February 23, 2018.

Joe reminded the membership the Scholarship breakfast would be hosted on April 7, 2018.

Joe reminded the membership that Health Assessments for members and their spouse is due on February 2, 2018.

Joe advised the membership to follow him on Twitter (@JoeGamaldi) or the HPOU (@HPOTX) and help share information.

Joe informed the membership that he was approached by a B&T Sergeant regarding fixing broken windows for an elderly lady’s home. Joe gave thanks to Michael Berry who contacted Jim Fiume from Gulf Coast Windows and repaired all the windows in the home for free.

Joe informed the membership that ATO would be hosting an HPD boxing event at the Knockout Factory on February 10, 2018 at 5:00pm. Tickets are $15.00 dollars each and can be purchased at the front desk. All proceeds will benefit ATO. Tom Hayes informed the Board that approximately 17 fights will be held.

Joe informed the membership that a fundraiser for Ronny Cortez will be held at Bareback Bar on February 11, 2018 from noon to 6:00pm.

Joe informed the membership that Houston strong shirts have raised approximately $9,000 dollars to date for ATO. Shirts are still available and can be purchased at the Union store.

Joe informed the membership that if you need a will to contact Fulton Broemer who will make you one for free.



Joe reminded the membership that there are guns for purchase, at cost, from Tim Butler.

Joe reminded the membership if they needed a realtor to use Michael Bedner who advertises in the Badge and Gun.

Joe reminded the membership to download the HPOU application.

Joe advised the membership that HOPA the peer support group is live at 832-200-3499.

Joe advised officers that if they know of anyone who needs assistance to please encourage them to contact HOPA.

Joe reminded everyone to restrict his or her voter registration information. Spouse may restrict voter information as well.

Public Safety Financial Group (PSFG) –Thinking of retiring go see PSFG for a free financial analysis. The analysis is valued at approximately $500 and there is no obligation to join PSFG.  Contact PSFG at 832-200-3440 for an appointment.

Joe asked members to invite officers to “like” the HPOU Facebook page and follow the HPOU on Twitter at @hpoutx. Joe encouraged the membership to follow him on Twitter @JoeGamaldi and help share information on social media platforms.

The next meeting will be on March 1, 2018.






Marie Baires.



Joe Gamaldi announced the door prizes.



Doug Griffith made a motion to adjourn the meeting, David seconds the motion. The motion passed by a majority of membership.

Minutes prepared by: Norma Lazo, Assistant Secretary

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