Foundation-sponsored Gun Challenge goes over big!

Rob Sandoval and Sid Veliz

The Houston Police Foundation hosted the first ever Multi-Gun Challenge at the Houston Police Academy on Jan. 14. The event consisted of six stages of fire using all the ranges on the property, challenging the competitors with skill and scenario based courses of fire.

A special thanks to Assistant Chief Charles Vazquez for authorizing this event to take place at the Academy.

While only 75 members of the Houston Police Department competed, there were many who came out to support, whether it was family or other Officers. There was a lot of cooperative effort between Narcotics, SWAT, the Indoor Range and the Outdoor Range during the planning of this event.

Many thanks to Senior Police Officer Kelly Wallace, Senior Police Officer Ronnie Dronet and Sgt. Daryl Brown from the Houston Police Foundation Liaison Unit.

The Foundation does so much for us by purchasing equipment that makes our jobs easier and safer. The Multi-Gun Challenge started early Saturday morning, and ended around 4 p.m. Thank you to the Houston Police Officers Union for donating a weapon to the prize table and also coming out to cook for this event.

The Multi-Gun Challenge consisted of the following courses of fire:

  • Indoor Range: Night fire course (Pistol)
  • Narcotics Range: 3 Gun Course (Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol) and 1 additional course:  El Pres (Pistol)
  • SWAT Range: Live fire house (Pistol) and SWAT Range:  3 Gun Course (Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol)
  • Outdoor Range: Marksmanship Course (Pistol)

Here are the results for this event:

High Overall Shooter – Bobby Walsh

1st Place Male – David Venables

1st Place Female – Meghan Schromen

2nd Place Male – Doug Dillon

2nd Place Female – Jennifer Schattle

3rd Place Male – John Gaytan

3rd Place Female – Martha Medlin

1st Place Supervisor – Sgt Mike Junco

2nd Place Supervisor – Lt. Craig Bellamy

3rd Place Supervisor – Sgt Alex Lou

1st Place Team – Academy Range

2nd Place Team – SWAT

3rd Place Team – North Command

Event Results can also be found at

Thank you to the following officers and sergeants who monitored the stages of fire throughout the day and served as range officers:

Allen Boskey, Doug Dillon, John Domingues, David Venables, Paul Steffenauer, Kristin Uhlin, Sgt. Hedi Ruiz, Kenneth Echols, Erik Termeulen, Justin Barber, Cedell Lovings, Hugo Gutierrez, Sgt. Matt Lem, Sgt. Mike Junco and all the SWAT personnel who assisted in the live fire house.

Thanks to the cadets of Class No. 230 who arrived early in the morning and hustled all day, assisting the range officers. A SPECIAL THANKS TO Bobby Walsh.

Looks like we may have another Challenge next year; stay tuned for upcoming details.

Stay safe and keep your skills sharp