Fredericksen and Barnes named Investigators of Month

Tom Kennedy

The Union presented its Investigator of the Month honors to two officers in the Special Victims Division in the May general membership meeting.

Lt. Jacinda Gunter presented the honor and recapped the case successfully processed by Senior Police Officers Kimberly Fredericksen and John Barnes.

Lt. Gunter gave the following account:

Fredericksen, who works as a crime analyst in the Adult Sex Crimes Unit, identified a serial rapist targeting elderly and/or disabled women, and advised Barnes, the investigating officer.

The complainant was a 66-year-old woman who is wheelchair-bound with only one leg.  She stated that a suspect came through the back door while she was in the living room and made the complainant wheel herself to the bedroom where he sexually assaulted her.

After sexually assaulting her, he took her TV, DVD player, some jewelry and her Hydrocodone pills.  As he was leaving he told her that if she told anyone about this he would come back for her.

Officer Fredericksen was already aware of two other sexual assault cases that she felt may be related.  One case was under investigation by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

The other was an unsolved HPD Sexual Assault from 2013 in which a suspect’s DNA had already been collected.  She realized that a distinctive markings on the suspect’s face matched the Harris County case and contacted the HCSO investigator to obtain more information.

Officer Fredericksen then advised Officer Barnes of the similarities in the cases.  Barnes got with the crime lab to have the suspect from the 2013 case compared to his current case and the DNA was a match.  He also compared the evidence to the HCSO case, obtained a pocket warrant, then coordinated with Harris County officers to arrest the suspect.

The suspect was subsequently identified by the victims and was charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault and Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Sexual Assault.

Following his arrest, the investigation continues into two unsolved cases that may have been committed by the same suspect.