Fun, exciting HPOU bowling night prompts participating families to plead: ‘When are we going to do this again?’

Editorial Staff
The evening experience of HPOU members and their families was enhanced by the great host facility, Del Mar Lanes, 3020 Mangum, just outside Loop 610.

The family-oriented Houston Police Officers Union held yet another successful family night of fun at Del Mar Lanes where about 150 HPOU members and their families knocked down the pins.

“The families were excited!” event coordinator Rhonda Williams said. “Everyone was asking when we’re doing it again. They thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great success.”

Furthermore, those present wore their specially-issued HPOU bowling socks, adding to the fun that filled the occasion.

Seated are Rhonda Williams and Lisa Marino. Standing behind them, left to right, are Tuan Van Le, an unidentified bowler, Tim Whitaker, Ken Nealy, Vasquez and Tom Hayes.

HPOU President Joe Gamaldi, alongside his daughters Evelyn and Arissa, took in the fun-filled atmosphere that took officers away from the realities of their duties.

Gamaldi has emphasized family activities for HPOU members. They are a regular HPOU staple. He said the Union will urge safety precautions during the Coronavirus pandemic but promised other fun-oriented family sessions when the coast is clear.

The HPOU’s first-ever family bowling night was a Friday night affair on Feb. 21, several weeks before the virus outbreak.



Left to right, Brendan Levine, Ashlyn Levine, Nancy Levine, Danny Levine, Charlie Hainey, Taylor Hainey and Teagan Levine.
HPOU’s Tim Butler and family – Renee, Skylar, Colton and Tim Butler.
Retired SPO Billy Robinson, SPO Sharome Robinson and daughter Nasya Robinson.
Sgt. Isaac Jefferson Jr., Lt. Tiffany Jefferson and son Isaac Jefferson III (first, second and third place winners).
Isaac Jefferson II, Sgt. Isaac Jefferson Jr, Lt. Tiffany Jefferson and Officer Tim Whitaker. The Jefferson family took first, second and third place in the 10 p.m. tournament.