Gamaldi to be sworn in as new HPOU president In Jan. 4 ceremony at general membership meeting

Tom Kennedy

The swearing-in of the HPOU Board of Directors on Jan. 4 will feature the formal introduction of a new president, Joe Gamaldi, the choice of 91 percent of voters in the fall election.

Gamaldi will succeed Ray Hunt, who chose not to seek reelection. Hunt will continue serving HPOU in the traditional immediate past president capacity at the pleasure of the new president.

Hunt, who served three terms as HPOU president, will swear in Gamaldi and the 2018 Board.

Gamaldi has served as 2nd vice president. Sgt. Tom Hayes, the Union’s 3rd vice president, ran unopposed.

Senior Police Officer Marco Lopez will succeed Will Reiser as board secretary.

Election results for the other contested board positions include:

Director No. 3 – Senior Police Officer Debbie LaHaie

Director No. 7 – Senior Police Officer Steve Turner

Director No. 9 – Senior Police Officer Joseph Castaneda

Director No. 13 – Senior Police Officer David S. Vasquez

Director No. 17 – Sgt. Frances Dominguez

Gamaldi will be the fourth president of the Southwest’s largest police union since the merger of the Houston Police Officers Association and the Houston Police Patrolman’s Union.

Hans Marticiuc served 12 years as the first-ever HPOU president. He was succeeded by Gary Blankinship, who now serves as a U. S. Marshal. Blankinship was succeeded by J. J. Berry, followed by Ray Hunt. Hunt has served three terms.

This year Union members elected a new president, a 3rd vice president, secretary and odd-numbered Board seats. Next year they will elect 1st and 2nd vice presidents and even-numbered Board positions.

Other Board members to be sworn in are Kawanski Nichols, Ken Nealy, Robert Breiding, David Riggs, Christian Dorton, Bubba Caldwell, Rebecca Dallas, Rosalinda Ybanez, Tim Whitaker, Rob Sandoval, Luis Menendez-Sierra, Rhonda Williams, Terry Seagler, Don Egdorf  and Dan Levine..

Other Board officials in the swearing-in ceremony are Treasurer Tim Butler, Sergeant-at-Arms Randy Upton, Parliamentarian Joslyn Johnson and Assistant Secretaries Cole Lester and Nancy Jones.