Hats off and a hearty round of applause for Gavin Torabi, whose organizational skills continue to benefit Houston officers

Tom Kennedy, Editor

IF THE NAME GAVIN TORABI ISN’T A HOUSEHOLD NAME in the HPD environs, it should be.

Recall that this solid citizen and entrepreneur pulled forth every ounce of resourcefulness in the Hurricane Harvey aftermath in 2017 to put together a team that fed 101,200 meals to first responders that included an untold number of tired and dutiful HPD officers.

Here’s the latest follow-up story:

The HPOU wanted to host an afternoon reception after the memorial service for Sgt. Chris Brewster in December. Who should step forward with a plan but Gavin Torabi. He hit up his friends at about a dozen Houston restaurants to donate entrees, side dishes and desserts to feed the guests, which included Sgt. Brewster’s family members. In addition, he secured craft beer breweries to make donation. along with a couple of wine merchants. His close coordination enabled many of these restaurateurs and merchants to personally serve their food and drink to the crowd.

After the funeral more than 1,000 people came through the Breck Porter Building, It wasn’t like the Union was serving hotdogs and hamburgers. These were upscale dishes that would set you back some bucks had you sat down at the sponsoring restaurants. There was Chinese, chili, pasta, chicken and beef prepared all kinds of different ways. Gavin made sure of that.

We know from experience that Gavin doesn’t like to toot his own horn. He puts his nose to the grindstone and moves.

Gavin Torabi is surrounded by HPOU 1st Vice President Doug Griffith, 3rd Vice President Tom Hayes and HPOU President Joe Gamaldi in this presentation captured by the camera of Photographer Gary Hicks in the February general membership meeting.

He never stopped making the calls to rally the community support that has become an HPD staple. He was torn between attending the funeral or staying in the kitchen to ensure that every tray was loaded and every food line organized. He put in what usually is called “a work day that lasted from daylight to dark – and late into the night.”

We have to say that Gavin performed the same selfless, dedicated service after the funeral of HPD’s last hero who died in the line of duty, Sgt. Steve Perez during the Harvey ordeal.

HPOU recognized Gavin Torabi for his dedication and service on behalf of Houston’s men and women in blue at the February general membership meeting, presenting him with a plaque in deep appreciation.

Thank you, Gavin. We at the Houston Police Officers Union and throughout the Houston Police Department will never forget your endless generosity and the entrepreneurial talents you use to help Houston officers, their families and supporters throughout the community.