Hats off to the Calf Scramble Posse for extablishing The Hard Luck category in this year’s scrambling!

Tom Kennedy

IN THOSE OLD WESTERN MOVIES THE POSSE ALWAYS GOT THE cattle rustlers. Today’s version – the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Calf Scramble Posse – always gets its calf scramblers every year at NRG Stadium. This year the posse took a different trail to the winner’s circle and honored a special “hard luck” scrambler.

Let’s talk about how this happened. The posse members always do everything they can from the start to the finish of every scramble to ensure that the ambitious teenagers who participate in the nightly event learn the character-building exercises that come with the experience. Those who capture a calf and rope, drag or tug it to the finish line earn $2,000 from a calf sponsor to use to buy their own calf, feed it and groom it for the next year-long period. The yearling is then auctioned at the next edition of the HLSR with the proceeds used for the calf scrambler’s college tuition.

Posse leader – and HPOU 1st Vice President – Doug Griffith led this year’s effort to sponsor a calf that would be earned by a hard-luck scrambler; that is, a participant who showed extraordinary courage scrambling for that gold but fell short due to prevailing circumstances such as getting stomped on or kicked and thus got fell short of getting that four-legged prize where it needed to be. The posse members raffled off an AR-15, the proceeds from which enabled them to sponsor a calf in the March 20 edition of the nightly scramble. The proverbial “hard luck calf scrambler” was chosen by posse members who have seen more than their share of highly disappointed hard-luck participants who deserved to win but got thrown around or run over and “knocked off the calf” at the finish line.

They picked the hard-luck winner that Monday night. “At the end of the scramble we got together and chose the hard-luck scrambler,” Posse Member Griffith explained. “We provided this courageous young person with the $2,000 necessary to purchase and raise a calf over the next year and bring it back to the show next year for sale.”

The first-ever HPOU Hard Luck Calf Scrambler is Mr.Zachary Boggs of the Humble FFA. Congratulations, Zachary!

Over the years the Posse has been known to put the best boot forward for the Houston Police Department and HPOU. This year the posse rode that extra mile into the Livestock Show & Rodeo’s corral.

Ya’ll done good! Thank you, partners!