Help the Houston Police Foundation raise money for heavy vests

While every Houston Police Officer is issued body armor, that body armor is designed to protect officers against handgun rounds.

Rifle rounds, like those recently used to execute five police officers in Dallas and three police officers in Baton Rouge, present a greater challenge for conventional body armor. In order to adequately protect our officers against rifle rounds during an “active shooter” incident, they must be equipped with Level 4 Body armor. Level 4 Body Armor is designed to be quickly donned over their conventional body armor to give them that extra level of protection as they run towards the gunfire. Equipping officers with a Level 4 Body Armor vest is giving them a fighting chance. Recent events only highlight what ordinarily only officers and their families know and face: that there is peril and vulnerability in public service that is rivaled only on a battlefield. Officers willingly respond to any threat, please consider being their back-up. Your generous donation will be designated for only Level 4 Body Armor.

You can make a difference not only for an officer, but the life you save may one day be your own.